Mphasis Deutschland GmbH
Koblenzer Straße 34
56130 Bad Ems,  Deutschland

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Anzahl Mitarbeiter (ca.):23.000
Liefer-/Servicegebiet: Global
Niederlassungen: D: Bad Ems - CH: Baar - F: Billancourt-Boulogne - UK: London - USA - Japan - China - Headquarter: Bangalore, Indien - etc.
Zertifizierungen: k.A.

Über das Unternehmen

Mphasis consistently delivers global Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing, Applications Services Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing services through a combination of technology know-how, domain and process expertise. MphasiS brings to their clients a credible and experienced global leadership team driving service delivery through the next generation global delivery model.

Mphasis supports global companies around the world in the improvement of their business processes. We service clients in Financial Services & Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Consumer & Retail industries worldwide.

Mphasis Limited (then, Mphasis BFL Limited) was formed in June 2000 after the merger of the US-based IT consulting company Mphasis Corporation (founded in 1998) and the Indian IT services company BFL Software Limited (founded in 1993).

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